Performance of Agnihotram and Yagas are for the world peace and welfare. There are only few numbers of Nithya Agnihotris in Tamil Nadu and the number is being dwindled due to poor patronage. One of them is

Nithyagnihotri, Somayaji, Vajapayaji

who is performing Agnihotram for the past several years without break. The holy fire burns in his house in the village of Kalancheri, near Thirukarugavur in Papanasam Taluk, Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu, India.


Agnihotram is an hour long worship which the Yajamanna can conduct only with his life-partner by his side and not otherwise. If the Agnihotri is not well, or out of station, someone trained in the ritual can perform Agnihotram. One is not elgible to perform Yajna, if he is not an Agnihothri.

  • Sri Agnishtoma Soma Yagam
  • Sri Adhyagnishtoma Soma Yagam
  • Sri Ukthaya Soma Yagam
  • Sri Shodasi Soma Yagam
  • Sri Aptha Vaja Peya Soma Yagam
  • Chowthramani
  • Sri Brihaspathi Sava Soma Yagam